The ERIGO PRO uprighting table is an early rehabilitation device using robotic uprighting and FES stimulation.

Erigo allows for patient uprighting and stimulation through a system of electronic actuators, a physiological stepping movement otherwise known as stepping. The system, which stimulates physiological stepping reflexes, enables early mobilisation and effective therapy for patients with neurological and circulatory disorders with simultaneous verticalisation. In early rehabilitation in neurological patients, safety and active stimulation are key to therapeutic success. Erigo combines verticalisation with cyclic loading and leg movement, which counteracts the negative effects of prolonged lying down, while allowing multiple organs to return to normal function. Patients verticalised with Erigo do not suffer from a sudden drop in blood pressure as a result of verticalisation.

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Use of FES in the ERIGO standing table (functional electrical stimulation)

Erigo with FES effectively promotes increased blood flow in the lower limbs, helping to reduce the effect of rapid pressure drop during patient uprighting. Erigo FES is fully synchronised with cyclic leg movement, and the ability to use up to 8 channels of electrostimulation provides the ability to precisely control the strength and intensity of muscle contractions. FES synchronised with limb movement and operated from the software interface.

Advantages of using Erigo:

  • early verticalisation of the patient with simultaneous stimulation of the physiological stepping movement (“stepping”),
  • early initiation of upright standing and improvement of lower limb movement,
  • better circulatory stabilisation of upright patients
  • mobilisation of patients immobilised in bed ,
  • effective protection against complications associated with patient immobilisation,