Specialist rehabilitation holidays for patients with neurological conditions.

Rehabilitation tailored to your child's needs.

Comprehensive and innovative neurorehabilitation for patients following ischaemic or haemorrhagic stroke.

A modern and comprehensive rehabilitation programme for patients following spinal cord injury.

State-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment.

NEURON – rehabilitation of infants, children and adults

Dear Clients! Neuron Sp z o.o. has been operating since 2003 and we are constantly developing and modernizing. We are a medical facility providing comprehensive rehabilitation services. We offer stay-in rehabilitation with 24-hour medical care (rehabilitation stays) and outpatient rehabilitation (day rehab, home rehab). We conduct holistic neurorehabilitation aimed at effective rehabilitation and improvement of the quality of life of patients with various health problems.

We provide medical care at the highest level offering individual treatment process conducted by qualified therapeutic staff, as well as intensive and modern rehabilitation. Patient therapy is only and exclusively individual. We offer a wide range of therapies tailored to the needs of each patient.

Neuron Rehabilitacja has got three rehabilitation facilities, and each of them is equipped with modern apparatuses for neurorehabilitation. (LOKOMAT®, EKSO® exoskeleton, Salus Talent®, Indiba® activ, C-Mill treadmill and many other devices).

Having long experience, we approach each patient primarily as a person who needs our help, knowledge, experience, and the equipment at our disposal. We are working with great employees, physiotherapists, specialists who are full of empathy, understanding, commitment and passion for their work.

Rehabilitation Units – Rehabilitation Stays

We organize rehabilitation stays (with or without guardians) including individual and modern rehabilitation, accommodation in a room adapted to the needs of the disabled and meals in the form of buffet-style smorgasbord for patients and guardians. The therapies take place in the same building as the accommodation rooms so there is no problem with troublesome movement. Rehabilitation unit stays in our centres are characterized by a comprehensive and individual approach to each patient. The most important advantage of our centres is highly qualified therapeutic staff working with many methods of neurological rehabilitation, having relevant professional experience and certificates.

We admit persons after hospitalization and we offer therapy for patients:

  • after strokes
  • craniocerebral injuries
  • spinal cord injuries
  • traffic accidents
  • people with cerebral palsy
  • and other neurological diseases

We also provide rehabilitation for children and young people with any dysfunctions of the nervous system:

  • cerebral palsy
  • post-stroke conditions
  • metabolic diseases
  • genetic diseases
  • meningeal hernia
  • developmental age disorders
  • posture defects
  • mental disabilities
  • autism

Comfort and convenience are one thing – very important but more important is what is related to our profession – rehabilitation and neurorehabilitation. We have one of the best, experienced and titled staff in the country. Each person starting their unit stays consults a rehabilitation doctor. Thus, we are able to choose the appropriate treatments and adjust an individual rehabilitation programme to make the most of your stay and obtain satisfactory results. We do not tolerate half measures – that’s why we always invest in the latest, certified equipment with a service guarantee to be sure that it is safe for patients and uses 100% of its capabilities.


Trust us, come and check, and we will show you why people are so eager to come back to us for further rehabilitation stays.

Rehabilitation stays and therapeutic programmes – why choose NEURON REHABILITACJA?

Experienced therapeutic staff, modern rehabilitation equipment, high effectiveness of therapy and an individual approach to each patient.  All programmes are performed in accordance with the recommendations of a physician – specialist in medical rehabilitation, which makes it possible to increase the effectiveness of the therapy.

Individual exercises

12 days of individual exercises – 4 hours a day, which comes to 48 hours of individual sessions during one 14-day stay.

Experienced staff

Each of our facilities employs experienced and qualified therapeutic staff.

Modern rehabilitation equipment

As one of few in Poland and Europe we have state of the art apparatuses, i.e. LOKOMAT® , EGZOSZKIELET® , SALUS-TALENT® , INDIBA ACTIV® which guarantee innovative and effective rehabilitation.

Comfort of therapy

Each therapy takes place in a room with one patient and one therapist only.

Individual consultations and therapy plan

Consultation with a rehabilitation doctor and an individually selected therapy programme guarantee success.


Patients receive full board in the form of a buffet. We do not portion meals so everyone can eat as much as they need.


You are safe with us as nurses are on duty 24/7 to care for patients.
Neuron Fordon
Bydgoszcz – Fordon

ul.  Kazimierza Hoffmana 5,

85-796 Bydgoszcz

tel. +48 603 555 176


Neuron Małe Gacno
in Mały Gacno

Małe Gacno 6

89-505 Małe Gacno

kom. +48 603 555 076

kom. +48 780 723 159


Bydgoszcz – Downtown

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85-090 Bydgoszcz

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