Tri-plane foot therapy is one of the methods of correcting foot defects in children and infants available at our centre. The therapy consists of stretching contracted structures, introducing elements of manual therapy, and subsequently consolidating the therapeutic effect by bandaging the feet, with an elastic bandage.Defects in the feet can be caused by incorrect development of the hip joints, by asymmetry in the child’s body position or by neurological disorders. The advantage of this therapy is that after appropriate instruction by the therapist, parents can continue the therapy at home. The therapy is dedicated to children at the age of newborns and infants, as well as preschool and early school age.

trojplaszczyznowa terapia stop
trojplaszczyznowa terapia stop bydgoszcz

Indications for tri-planar therapy of foot defects:

  • flat foot
  • clubfoot
  • clubfoot
  • clubfoot (forefoot adducted)
  • serpentine foot
  • calcaneal foot
  • talus verticalis
  • lower limb alignment disorders

Therapy can be received during a rehabilitation holiday or as outpatient rehabilitation.