Physical therapy uses physical phenomena – light, electric current, magnetism, ultrasound, low temperature – to stimulate biological processes in tissues. It is intended to eliminate pain, swelling, exudates and inflammation, stimulate or soothe and heal. Treatments are carried out in our centre:

  • laser therapy, which has applications in the healing of pressure sores and scars, rheumatological conditions, joint inflammation, tissue and joint capsule injuries.
  • electrotherapy, including galvanisation, iontophoresis, diadynamics, interference, TENS, tonolysis, Kotz currents, pulsed electrostimulation. Electrotherapy is a completely painless treatment with a very wide range of applications.
  • Cryotherapy, or cold treatment, is based on a local reduction in body temperature in a very short time (3 – 4 min), resulting in a temporary contraction of blood vessels and the relief or abolition of pain.
  • light therapy, using a Sollux lamp, which has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, reduces muscle tension and induces a feeling of relaxation.