Neurology is a specialisation in speech therapy that deals with the diagnosis and therapy of communication disorders caused by damage to the central nervous system in children and adults. In children, neurologopaedics deals with problem-solving from the first days of life, the assessment of physiological reflexes, the examination of the articulatory apparatus and the evaluation of mimic and tongue muscle tone. At a later stage, it deals primarily with the treatment of speech disorders, eating disorders and the reduction of excessive drooling. In adults, the main indications for therapy with a neurologist are aphasia, dysphagia, motor disorders of the articulatory organs and disorders of oral muscle tone. Neurologopaedics is also indicated for people with cognitive disorders, problems with memory, concentration and awareness.


Therapy is always adapted to the patient’s needs and abilities. In neurology we use speech therapy massages, stimulation with speech therapy vibrators, superficial stimulation, electrostimulation ( Vocastim®), kinesiotaping and alternative communication ( C-eye® Cyberoko).