Therapeutic massage is the application of mechanical stimuli to the body’s tissues in order to impart or restore elasticity or relieve pain. Excessively tense or contracted musculo-fascial structures are characterised by reduced muscle strength and endurance. Through the use of therapeutic massage or various soft tissue therapy techniques, we aim to reduce increased muscle tension and restore ranges of mobility.

Classical massage is a method of physical treatment of external and internal disease symptoms and, in many cases, the causes. It involves mechanical irritation of tissues, exerting direct and indirect effects on the body.

It is used to relieve stiffness, muscle tension and pain, headaches, for general relaxation and to overcome stress. Therapeutic massage can also reduce the discomfort of leg cramps. It usually involves relaxing the muscles and relieving mental tension, and this brings relief and a feeling of relaxation. This type of massage increases blood flow to the massaged area, which speeds up the healing process.

Masaż Shantala jest przeznaczony dla niemowląt i dzieci. Stosowany w celu regulacji napięcia mięśniowego, zwiększenia świadomości własnego ciała, regulacji snu oraz poprawy funkcjonowania układu pokarmowo – trawiennego. Szczególnie wskazany u dzieci z mózgowym porażeniem dziecięcym oraz u dzieci z opóźnionym rozwojem psychoruchowym. Również może być stosowany u dzieci prawidłowo rozwijających się, w celu rozluźniającym oraz stymulującym układ hormonalny ( lepsza odporność organizmu).


Regularly massaging your child every day or at least 3-4 times a week offers the following benefits:

For the infant or child:

  • helps regulate sleep (the baby sleeps longer, deeper, more soundly),
  • Improves digestion, regulates constipation, soothes colic,
  • calms, soothes,
  • raises awareness of one’s own body, its boundaries; thus enhances the feeling of security,
  • improves, strengthens the bond with the parent,
  • boosts immunity, stimulates the endocrine system.

For the parent or the person giving the massage:

  • improves self-confidence, confidence in one’s ability to care for a child,
  • alleviates or prevents postnatal depression in mothers,
  • enhances and improves the bond with the child,
  • helps to understand the child, what they are communicating, what needs they are trying to communicate.

Contraindications to massage:

  • less than one week after vaccination,
  • during illness
  • with skin diseases
  • Special care must be taken in children with asthma, epilepsy.