Mechanical instrumental fascial adjustment in the therapy of myofascial trigger points in functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Therapy to increase non-painful range of motion, support/regulate muscle function, remove neuropathic pain, normalise skin scar tissue and fascia, support tendon and ligament therapy.



  • stimulating the regeneration process of the fascia, helping to improve its function, as well as directional mobilisation and elimination of pain
  • improving the mobility of the muscles and joints affected by the muscles being worked on
  • reduction of so-called connective tissue adhesions, i.e. fascial release
  • through the irritation of mechanoreceptors, the sensation of pain is reduced, thus reducing increased muscle tension
  • activation of muscle tension when it is too low
  • collagen synthesis is stimulated in the ligaments
  • improving the healing of the fascia – connective tissue by stimulating fibroblasts


  • fear of surgery
  • skin discontinuity
  • fresh scars that do not cause restrictions
  • moles, warts, warts, etc.
  • subcutaneous tissue lesions of unknown origin taking the form of tumours
  • Varicose veins, vascular malformations (also in small vessels)
  • tumours
  • pregnancy