Hand therapy is the improvement of the mechanisms responsible for controlling the movements of the upper limb. Depending on the disorders and problems, the therapist focuses on strengthening the musculature of the upper limbs and improving joint mobility (stretching exercises for excessively contracted tissues). In hand therapy, the aim is also to improve fine motor skills, i.e. manual dexterity and precision. The aim of hand therapy is to improve visual-motor control, hand coordination, grip training and fine motor skills.

There is no doubt that without functional hands it is difficult to achieve an adequate level of independence in basic activities of daily living.


Exercises are selected individually to each PATIENT’s needs and fitness.

Hand therapy aims to:

  • improving the precision of hand movements,
  • learning the ability to focus, to look,
  • strengthening concentration,
  • improving eye-hand coordination,
  • crossing the midline of the body.